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Joe and Elvis Works engaged with us to understand our business, value proposition, and the problem our solutions solves - not easy in the complex and crowded world of DevOps automation. He then both developed a go-to-market sales strategy and executed outreach to deliver high quality and qualified leads. Elivs Works works, and works hard toward their clients’ success.
Scott Stevens
COO, Arganteal
Joe's approach to sales & marketing is well thought out and has been extremely valuable for developing sales and new business. His methodology and process is unique and it works.
Alex Sarmiento
SVP Sales, Perforce
I have used CS&M for a number of my clients and myself for over four years. I have relied on CS&M's help for building a highly qualified database of qualified prospects. Their process has helped me quickly validate messaging to our ICP while dramatically boosting the number of qualified opportunities.
Chris Dailey
CEO, Intreka
Arganteal had talked with and worked with several marketing companies before coming across Joe and his team. Most of those focus on the mechanics while Joe has focussed on the message and the message sequence. It is clear to me that refining the messaging is far more important. By refining our messaging we are now getting much higher connection rates. Mechanics alone won’t do that.
Steve H Kelley
CEO, Arganteal
Partnering with Joe and his Elvis system has been nothing short of extraordinary for my business. Within just 90 days, Joe not only brought a consistent stream of high-quality leads to my calendar but also transformed these leads into multiple lucrative deals. His expertise in crafting a compelling product market fit message and his strategic approach to engaging prospects is unparalleled. Thanks to Joe, my ROI from his program has exceeded all expectations.
Sean Shahkarami
CEO, Opilio
Joe played a pivotal role in helping to refine our messaging for our ICP. With his resources, we gained the power to expand our email outreach efforts and swiftly experiment, assess, and adapt our messaging to effectively engage our desired audience.
Kristen Hooper
Head of Marketing, Arganteal

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